Outside the studio
Jeanne painting in Italy

When I was growing up I was influenced by my older brother who became a successful architect. I loved his art books, and was fascinated by Titian. All I wanted to do when I 'grew up' was to go to art college. mother intervened and said I would become a beatnik (she was probably right!) So I went to train as a teacher with art as my main subject - not to be - I ended up doing 3 years of ceramics instead!
Having worked in education for many years, I retired to concentrate on painting, being greatly inspired by the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales.
I have a lovely studio which means I can follow my dream.
Favourite places include upper Swaledale, which inspires most of
my paintings of sheep, (and more sheep), farm buildings,
remote hamlets and ‘big skies’.
My studio is in a log cabin,
situated on farmland in the heart of beautiful Nidderdale,
where a small flock of pedigree Ryeland sheep graze right up to the door!

Whilst living in East Yorkshire I was inspired by the east coast and
the Yorkshire Wolds (made famous by David Hockney).

I work with a range of media e.g. charcoal, pencil, pen and ink,
water-colour and acrylics. In addition I like to paint abroad, and enjoy experimenting
with light and shade afforded by hot summer weather.

As an illustrator, I have developed a series of wacky
greetings cards entitled 'Some rabbits....' that are based
on rabbits in various ironic and humorous situations.